Value for money

This article was first published in The Parliamentary Review which is a guide to best practice for industry and is co chaired by Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett. Achieving outstanding value for money cuts across every part of operations, from procurement to HR and everything in between. The optimal use of every resource at our […]

Darwin and The Travelling Salesperson

This was first published on the blog at my other business: Objectivity If a salesperson has to visit all the cities in their patch and then return home every night, how could they work out the shortest route? That was the question posed to me by our consulting director Matt Weaver in about 2013. My initial response […]

Lessons in Life from an Ai Agent

It’s the custom at my other business to invite our colleagues to give talks before the Christmas Party that will entertain and educate us all. This year, I spent some of my personal time exploring Artificial Intelligence and one of my targets was a sub branch called reinforcement learning. It was fascinating and in many ways […]

Collaboration (in 10 minutes!)

This was first published on the blog at my other business: Objectivity Recently, I was asked to speak at an event about collaboration. The format was 5 by 10 (5 speakers with 10 minutes each and no slides) and was arranged by Alsbridge. It was an interesting format because it made me think hard about collaboration […]

The Greatest Living Explorer

This was first published as a staff article at my other business: Objectivity As 2013 draws to a close, I note that we’ve had fantastic growth, some amazing new clients and everyone has worked incredibly hard to achieve some impossible deadlines. As I write, our future contains an equally tough list of things that we need to achieve. […]