Three Go Wild In Warsaw!

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It was a lovely sunny morning late in March when I saw Dorota waving to me outside the Stock Exchange building in Warsaw.

We were there with Marta to attend the Polish Great Place to Work awards ceremony and we were all feeling pretty nervous.

We’d seen our company results already and knew that overall they were pretty good (always room to improve obviously!). We had no idea of how they compared to any other companies and as we looked around at the other people, it was clear that everyone was in the same boat.

There were three categories: up to 50 employees, up to 500 employees and over 500 employees.

We settled down and the slow realisation dawned on me that there was about one hour of speeches from the great and the good that would all be in Polish. My language skills are pretty much in line with the popular perception of my country folk and I had literally no idea what was going on! It all sounded like great fun though!

Once the speeches were safely out of the way, the awards started and we nervously applauded the winners as we waited for our category to start. As we got closer and closer to the number one spot, we were all feeling the pain. On one hand, we might have achieved a higher place. On the other hand, we might not be in the top 5 at all!

When they called our name out for second place, the hall was filled with an excited whoop! It was the only one of the day and somehow I had known that Marta would not let us down 🙂

We trooped up to the stage and shuffled around whilst our photos were taken, certificates given and hands were shook. Marta pushed me forward and I gave a short speech. I forgot to thank my mum and just about managed to contain my tears!! Marta also took to the microphone and blew the audience a kiss which they all enjoyed!

Speaking of kisses, the photo below was the highlight of my day!!

Note to Mrs B-S: Just kidding 🙂

What did we do then? Took selfies, texted, posted on linkedin and various other forms of social media goodness of course!


Once all the winners were announced, we mingled with some of the people there and when we’d calmed down a bit, had our photo taken with the team from Microsoft who were the overall winners in the above 500 category.


And then back at the office, I find there are very few things that can’t be improved with the simple addition of… cake!


Of course it was great fun and we were immensely proud to be representing all our friends at Objectivity. We also learned some stuff that I hope will make us stronger in the months and years to come.

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